About Us

What many people see in their minds when they hear the words ‘advertising agency’ is displeasing to us. Many agencies present a very negative profile—serving clients poorly, caring little about results of their work, and charging fees beyond what would seem reasonable.

This agency was founded on the belief that what others do is wrong. We set out to change how an ad agency works. And we did just that.

The agency was founded by Jim Gallant after he had worked in advertising for 20 years. Jim was part of the team that began the world-famous I LOVE NEW YORK marketing campaign and in the position of Marketing Manager for the New York Division of Tourism controlled a $10 million budget. He has also worked with and for many agencies and gotten the opportunity to see both good and bad practices. Jim began this agency in Harrisonburg, VA and set the goal of providing the kind of great work he has seen in New York at more modest prices small businesses can afford to pay. We believe that clients with smaller budgets deserve the same great quality creative work that larger accounts receive.

With more than forty years of experience in creating good advertising, we bring great concern to our client’s projects. We develop great creative work for our clients, work hard and hand-in-hand with local media to plan media placement schedules, and remain open to changes that need to be made as campaigns run their course.

We value the trust our clients have in us and we keep producing results to earn that trust. The equation is not difficult to understand—we make more money for our clients—we produce results they could not produce on their own. We would very much like to talk about how we can help grow your business.