Our Services

Let us put our knowledge of the benefits of various media and our negotiation skills and agency buying power to work for your business.

Radio Advertising

Most locally produced radio is not good because those writing it cannot or do not take the time needed to make it good. We spend the time it takes to make every word of a radio script contribute to the task. We also import professional voice talent from around the country and do not use local talent. We ensure that your material is well written and sounds fresh on air.

We will be happy to visit you with samples of our radio advertising.

Television Commercials

Good ads are more than ‘eye candy.’ The two elements—visual and audio—must work together to bring your message clearly and convincingly to the viewer. We work with you to create ads that will stand out amid the clutter that is ever-present on television. We don’t produce what is cute—we produce what works.

Print Advertising and Brochures

We will help you to craft these additions to your marketing efforts that reflect the quality and commitment you offer to your clients and customers. When someone takes a brochure from your business, you want that piece to tell them over and over just how easy and important it is to work with you. We can help you to create that kind of lasting impression.

Writing, Editing and Newsletters

We have written for some of the most exacting people you can imagine. We have edited books for some of the country’s leading publishers. There is nothing that last longer than the written word. We take great pride in being certain that what we write for our clients is clear, accurate, concise, convincing, and motivating. We can help to craft your messages in a manner that will leave a lastingly positive image in the minds of those who read them.

Website Design

We work with some of the most technically adept people around to ensure that your website is attractive and easy to navigate. We also monitor what is created so that it blends well with and supports your other marketing elements. All these elements must work together for you to achieve the most from your marketing investments. We will make certain they do.